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Patient comfort

We offer nitrous oxide and oral sedation to any patient who has anxiety about their dental appointment. Nitrous oxide or laughing gas provides many patients with a calm relaxed feeling. Other patients may prefer oral sedation. With a single dose of an oral medication we can easily and safely perform all procedures while you are in a state of mild relaxation. We have many patients that have made dental anxiety, a thing of the past through nitrous oxide and oral sedation. If you feel you might benefit from these services, give us a call. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our staff is trained in pain management techniques. We do our best to assist you so that your visit is comfortable and safe. We provide our patients with numbing pre-anesthetic gel to relieve 98% of the discomfort of dental injections. This gel can also be used through all hygiene procedures to make sure your dental cleanings are comfortable.


We are proud to provide guilt free dental care. We will not lecture you about anything including putting off dental care. We will listen to your concerns without judgment. We promise!

Patient Comfort

We provide many amenities to help ensure your visits are comfortable and stress-free, including:

Noise Canceling Headphones – For patients who do not like the noises associated with a dental office, we provide noise canceling headphones. The headphones virtually eliminate all outside noise to make your appointment comfortable and stress free.

Video Monitors - A dental visit can go by faster for our patients as they are watching  a movie or TV episode.

Wi-Fi - For patients who want to use their own electronic devices.

Warm Blankets – The dental office always seems to be a cold place. To remedy that, we provide our patients with soft warm blankets to make them cozy and warm during their appointments.

Cushion Neck Pillows – For our patients who has neck or back issues from 

Massage Dental Chairs - Our dental chairs has back massage technology.

Advanced Dental Technology – We use the latest dental technologies to provide you with faster, more efficient service and helps ensure your overall comfort.

Thanking you for visiting our webpage and new patients are always welcome.  Please call our office at 925-846-6308 to schedule an appointment.  We would love to see you.  Dr. Tran and Staff.  

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